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Community Impact Maker

Two Sisters and a Dream

Recently, two sisters, Frankie Lane and Angela Reel, started a nonprofit corporation aptly named Community Impact Maker, Inc. The nonprofit was the brainchild of Frankie who enjoys connecting with people and businesses and bringing them together. Her goal was to make a good and lasting impact on the community. Angela came on board to help run the business side of things and she teaches some of the free classes offered monthly.


The Blanket Project

For years, a local ministry has been making fleece blankets that were given to all the Jasper and Newton County Head Start Programs so that every child had their own blanket when they started school. These blankets get loved on, toted around, snuggled with, napped with and treasured forever!

The ladies that have been doing this have transitioned into a new season of life and needed to pass their ministry on. Community Impact Maker is honored to be able to continue their mission. We know there are many people who would enjoy getting together and working on these blankets to be given for such a good cause. This is open to anyone that is looking for an opportunity to serve others!

For this school year; All blankets must be assembled before the start of school so that they are available to begin out to each student. In order to accomplish this goal, we will need to work overtime this year; several work days/nights will be arranged which will be shared on social media.

For the following years: we will have regularly scheduled monthly work days/nights to be sure we meet the goal each year. Schedule to be determined.

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