Community Impact Maker

Two Sisters and a Dream

Recently, two sisters, Frankie Lane and Angela Reel, started a nonprofit corporation aptly named Community Impact Maker, Inc. The nonprofit was the brainchild of Frankie who enjoys connecting with people and businesses and bringing them together. Her goal was to make a good and lasting impact on the community. Angela came on board to help run the business side of things and she teaches some of the free classes offered monthly.

Based in Jasper County, Community Impact Maker provides the area with free educational and fun classes. The sisters have hosted craft classes, painting classes, taught Microsoft Word tips and tricks, and more, all free for attendees. Plus, local businesses donate door prizes and other free items at the classes and, oftentimes, provide the necessary class space at no cost.

Community Impact Maker also hosts fundraisers to help offset material costs and provide donations to other local nonprofits.

It is Community Impact Maker’s goal to create bonds within the community that encourage growth, establish community relationships, and unite people through their talents and interests.

Together is Better
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