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  • February 9th at 5pm CST
  • Wheatfield First Baptist Fellowship Hall (Entrance off S Concord)
  • Cost: freewill donation with proceeds to fund our Headstart Blankets (if you haven’t heard about this see below)
Community Impact Maker strives to provide opportunities for Fellowship, Friends, and Fun. As with all of our paintings, we will let you pick the cost. We want everyone to be be able to participate regardless of ability to pay a certain amount.
We have 75 more blankets to make before the start of school. 185 blankets is our goal! This gives every head start student in the surrounding area a nap time snuggle friend to keep forever!
When materials go on sale we will purchase and have more blanket making days. This is a wonderful volunteer opportunity!
***a lot of work is being done to finish the space we will be permanently using. We are hoping to be done by late winter!!

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